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  • Dates: 25 – 25 Oct, 2017
Econ Active Research Lunch - Lunch @ 11:30, Presentation @ 12 in UH850

Presenter: Xuening Wang

Title: U.S. Permanent Residency, Job Mobility and Earnings
One concern regarding the current immigration policies is that high skilled immigrant workers on temporary work visas may be tied to their sponsoring firms as “indentured servitude” with weakened bargaining power and lower wages. Using the National Survey of College Graduates (NSCG), I address this concern by estimating the effect of acquiring U.S. permanent residency on the job mobility and earnings of skilled temporary professionals. Within an individual fixed effects framework, I find a substantial increase in workers’ voluntary job mobility following their receipt of permanent residency. A decomposition analysis indicates that at least 60% of the spike in mobility is driven by depressed voluntary moving during the employer-sponsored green card (permanent residency) application process, as opposed to other barriers to mobility. Despite the significant “job lock”, only male applicants experience a wage growth (8%) upon acquiring a green card, suggesting that permanent immigration into the U.S. only costs a small sacrifice on earnings.