D. Kreisman, GSU - Department Friday Seminar  Add To Calendar

  • Dates: 27 – 27 Oct, 2017
Department Friday Seminar, 11:00am - 12:30pm, UH850

Presenter: Daniel Kreisman, Georgia State University


What can an online jobs board teach us about labor market signaling and the value of college?  Evidence from resumes and the truth

Daniel Kreisman (GSU) and Jonathan Smith (GSU)

We ask what resume content can teach us about employer learning, labor market signaling and the value of partially completed schooling. To do so we scrape a large corpus of resumes from an online jobs board and match these with actual records of college attendance and graduation from the National Student Clearinghouse. We then observe whether job seekers strategically omit schools they did not graduate from, and what worker and school characteristics predict these behaviors. These exercises serve two purposes. First, they provide novel evidence of job seekers' perceived value of non-completed degrees vis-a-vis the negative value of dropping out by school type, quality and job-seeker characteristics. Second, these results allow us to test implicit and explicit assumptions commonly relied upon in standard models of returns to schooling, labor market signaling and employer learning.