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  • Dates: 15 – 15 Nov, 2017
Econ Active Research Lunch - Lunch @ 11:30, Presentation @ 12 in UH850

Presenter: Chuanyi (Simon) Guo

Title: The Effect of Age at School Entry on Education Attainment and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from China (with Xuening Wang and Chen Meng)

The long-term economic impact of children’s age at primary school entry is a primary concern to policy-makers, educators, and families. The timing of school enrollment may affect educational attainment and labor market outcomes in adulthood. Using China Family Panel Studies (CFPS), this paper is the first to explore these effects in the Chinese context with a regression discontinuity design, employing the threshold date for primary school entrance set by the 1986 Compulsory Education Law of China as a source of exogenous variation in the timing of school entry. First, this paper documents weak compliance with the school entry legislation. Individuals born just after the threshold date, are only 0.29 years older at school entry than their earlier born counterparts, whereas the predicted difference with perfect compliance is nearly one year. We find a significant effect on years of schooling using the full sample, with individuals born right after the threshold attaining 0.56 more years of schooling on average. Separate estimations based on Hukou status at age 3 document a positive effect of delayed school enrollment on educational attainment for the agricultural sample, but not for the non-agricultural population. However, there is no evidence for either the agricultural or non-agricultural sample that school entry age affects labor market outcomes, such as the probability of employment and earnings, in adulthood.