M. Gaulke, KSU - Department Friday Seminar  Add To Calendar

  • Dates: 26 – 26 Oct, 2018
Department Friday Seminar, 11:00am - 12:30pm, UH850

Presenter: Mandy Gaulke, Kansas State University

"Intergenerational Effects of Enhanced Sentencing"
We show that the adoption of "three strikes and you're out" laws leads to worse intergenerational income mobility for children ages eight through ten when state policies were implemented. The causal effects are focused in state that actually enforced the law. Our results complement the literature that examines the impact on the extensive margin (parents who are incarcerated versus those who are not) since we show that the intensive margin matters as well. Using two data sets and multiple measures of mobility from Chetty et al. (2014) we find worse income mobility and reduced college attendance at age 19 for these children.