Richard M. Peck

Associate Professor 

Ph.D., Princeton University, 1983

Fields of Interest: Public Finance, Industrial Organization, Microeconomics

Selected Research:
“What is the Potential Cost-Effectiveness of Enforcing a Prohibition on the Sale of Tobacco to Minors,” (with J. D. DiFranza, et. al.), Preventative Medicine, 32, 168-174, (2001).

“The Inefficiency of the Poll Tax,” Journal of Public Economics, 67 (1998), 241-252.

"What Happened to Peoria: The Impact of Airline Deregulation," Transportation Quarterly, 48 (Spring 1994), 149-162.

"Taxation, Risk and Returns to Scale," Journal of Public Economics, 40 (1989), 319-330.

"Uncertain Lifetime and Ordinal Impatience," (with P. Srinagesh), Economic Letters, 24 (1987), 121-124.

"Power, Majority Voting and Linear Income Tax Schedules: An Example," Econometrica, 54 (January 1986) 87-94.

Current Research Interests: 
Taxation; Regulation, Tobacco Control 

Other Significant Accomplishments: 
Visiting Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis, 1987-1988 

Ameritech Research Fellow, 1989-1990 

Consultant, World Bank, Word Health Organization, City of Chicago 

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Contact Information

Office: 726 UH, MC 144
Phone: 312-413-2365
Fax: 312-996-5533