William G. Stanford

Associate Professor 

Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1984

Fields of Interest: Game Theory, Mathematical Economics

Selected Research:
“Pure Strategy Nash Equilibria and the Probabilistic Prospects of Stackelberg Players,” Operations Research Letters, 38, (2010), 94-96.

“Individually Rational Pure Strategies in Large Games,” Games and Economic Behavior, 47, (2004) 221-233.

“On Comparing Equilibrium and Optimum Payoffs in a Class of Discrete Bimatrix Games,” Mathematical Social Sciences, 39, (2000), pp. 13-20.

“The Limit Distribution of Pure Strategy Nash Equilibria in Symmetric Bimatrix Games,” Mathematics of Operations Research, 21 (1996), pp. 726-733.

“Finite Rationality and Interpersonal Complexity in Repeated Games,” (with Ehud Kalai), Econometrica,  56 (1988), pp. 397-410.

Current Research Interests:
Repeated games - Issues of strategic and computational complexity

Probabilistic Aspects of Game Theory Solution Concepts 

Other Significant Accomplishments:
National Science Foundation Grant, Economics Unit, Grant No. -8720334, 1988-1990

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Contact Information

Email: wgstan@uic.edu