MA in Economics/MBA Joint degree program

In this innovative program the student receives both the M.A. in Economics and the Master's of Business Administration.The joint degree program requires 25% fewer hours than if both degrees were completed separately. The joint  program is especially attractive to students who wish to pursue careers in business.

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No more than 12 hours total of ECON 596 and 598 can be applied to the degree.

1. Economics Core - 24 hours
The economics core consists of two courses each in microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory and econometrics (ECON 501, 502, 511, 512, 534 and 535).

All students must complete the four courses in economic theory (ECON 501, 502, 511, 512) with a grade point average in these four courses of at least 3.00. Credit will be given for at most one grade of C in any of these courses.

2. MBA Core - 20 hrs
The business core consists of the following courses: ACTG 500; FIN 500; IDS 532; MGMT 541; MKTG 500. 

3. Independent Study or Master's Thesis - 4 hrs
At least 4 hours of economic research (ECON 596 or 598).

4. Economics Electives - 8 hrs
8 additional hours in economics at the 500-level (excluding ECON 520, 521, 541, 593, and 599)

5. MBA Electives - 16 hrs
16 additional hours of 500-level courses in at least two other disciplines within the College of Business Administration except Economics.