Frequently Asked Questions

MA in Applied Economics

How many times during the year do you accept students into the program?
This is a cohort-based program and only offers summer intake starting during the last week of June or early July.

Is it possible to enroll in the program as a part-time student?
The program is a full-time program with courses scheduled during regular business hours, and students are expected to enroll in the required number of courses each term.

Upon completion, can I continue on to the Economics PhD program at UIC?
Should you find that you would like to continue your studies of economics at the end of the Applied Economics MA program, then you would need to apply for the PhD program to be considered.  All applications to the PhD program are considered on an individual basis and completion of the Applied Economics MA program does not ensure acceptance into the PhD program.

Is there a minimum required GRE score for admission?
No, but among enrolled students, the average Quantitate GRE score is 157, the average Analytical Writing score is 3.5 and the average Verbal score is 155.

Do courses ever fill up and become unavailable?
No.  All required courses are guaranteed to be available for registration for all Applied Economics MA students.

Can I apply to the Applied Economics MA and the PhD program at the same time?
Yes! But you need only apply to the PhD program.  All rejected PhD applicants will be automatically considered for the Applied Economics MA program.

Does UIC and the Applied Economics MA program value diversity?
Yes.  UIC is ranked in the top 15 most ethnically diverse universities in the United States.  An important resource driving change and promoting equity at UIC is the manifold voices, races, cultures, beliefs, identities, orientations and perspectives that inform the collective discourse.  The Applied Economics MA program embodies this diversity mission by attracting students from all backgrounds.

Tell me about the relationship between UIC and the city of Chicago.
UIC is centrally located in Chicago’s booming West Loop neighborhood.   Located on the Blue Line with direct rail access to O’Hare International Airport, UIC has excellent public transportation connectivity within the city.  UIC is as much a part of Chicago’s legacy as a resilient, forward-thinking, gutsy metropolis, as Chicago is part of UIC’s legacy as an enterprising, broad-minded, spirited public research university accessible to all who aspire to achieve. UIC and the city look to one another for leadership, opportunities, and growth.  

Can prospective students schedule campus visits?
Yes. Email the program director, Patrick Baude, at to coordinate a visit.

I’ve been accepted! Now what?
Congratulations! Once you accept your offer of admission you will receive instructions should any more documents be needed from you.  Your journey at UIC will begin with an Applied Economics MA orientation in June prior to the commencement of the summer preparatory courses.  This orientation will introduce you to the Department of Economics, the Applied Economics MA program, and the physical layout of campus along with UIC’s connectivity with the rest of the city.