Job Market Candidates

AbdelWahed, Loujaina crop

Loujaina Abdel Wahed, CV, Homepage
Job market paper: The Effects of Permanent and Temporary Foreign Aid on Fiscal Decisions: Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Fields: Applied Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Foreign Aid, Natural Resources, Fiscal Policy in Foreign Countries
References: George Karras (chair), Marcus Casey, Robert Chirinko, Paul Pieper, Lawrence Officer

Chang, Chia crop

Chia Chang

Job market paper: Does Allowing Employees to Work from Home Reduce Turnover? Evidence from the Telework Enhancement Act
Fields: Labor, Public, and Family Economics
References: Darren Lubotsky (chair), Marcus Casey, Ben Ost, Evelyn Lehrer


Jiajia Chen, CV, Homepage
Job market paper: Do Children on Medicaid Benefit from a Weak Labor Market? Evidence from the Great Recession
Fields: Health Economics and Health Policy, Labor Economics
References: Robert Kaestner (chair), Darren Lubotsky, Ben Ost

Cline, Jeff

Jeffrey W. Cline, CV, Homepage
Job market paper: Midterm Grades, Information, and Student Effort
Fields: Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Teaching of Economics
References: Ben Ost (chair), Steven G. Rivkin, Javaeria Qureshi

Cruz, Chris_small

Christopher Cruz, CV, Homepage
Job market papers: Just got lucky? Inflation Targeting and Macroeconomic Stability; Feeling Squeezed? Impact of Social Security Benefit Cuts on Labor Supply and Savings of the Elderly
Fields: Empirical Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Applied Microeconomics (Public, Labor, Health)
References: George Karras(chair), Erik Hembre, Darren Lubotsky, Houston Stokes, Paul Pieper, Ben Ost

Ko, Hyunkyu

Hyunkyu Ko, CV, Homepage
Job market paper: Increase WIC Eligibility and Birth Outcomes
Fields: Public Economics, Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics
References: Darren Lubotsky (chair), Ben Ost, Javaeria Qureshi 


Chen Meng, CV, Homepage
Job market paper: Female Education, Fertility Decisions, and Infant Health: Evidence from China's Compulsory Education Law
Fields: Applied Microeconometrics; Health Economics; Labor Economics; Economics of Education; Law and Economics.
References: Darren Lubotsky (chair), Steven Rivkin, Ben Ost, Manisha Padi (UChicago)

Nguyen, Minh crop2

Minh Nguyen

Job market paper: The Spreading Power of the Pill: The Effects of Oral Contraceptives on Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Fields: Health Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Econometrics
References: Steven G. Rivkin (chair), Frank J. Chaloupka, Darren Lubotsky, Ben Ost

Ward, Jason crop

Jason Ward

Job market paper: The Four-day School Week and Parental Labor Supply
Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Health Policy, Labor Policy, Education Policy
References: Robert Kaestner (chair), Darren Lubotsky, Ben Ost

yan, rui

Rui Yan, CV, Homepage
Job market paper: Potential Competition, Actual Competition, and Traditional Public School District Efficiency: Evidence from Michigan Charter School Cap-lifting
Fields: Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Public Economics,  and Applied Microeconomics
References: Benjamin Feigenberg (chair), Steven G. Rivkin, Ben Ost

You, Chenli

Chenli You

Job market paper: Macroeconomics Stimulus and the Distorting Effects of Political Connections: Evidence from China
Fields: Applied Econometrics, Public Economics, Corporate Finance, Fiscal Policy
References: Robert Chirinko (chair), Rafael Barroso, Deirdre McCloskey

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