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Boldmaa Batbold

Job market paper: The Effect of Health Aid on Infant Mortality and Life Expectancy
Fields: Advanced Econometrics and Forecasting, International Economics
References: Houston H. Stokes (chair), George Karras, Paul J. Pieper

Yanyun He profile pic cropped

Yanyun (Julia) He

Job market paper: The Influence of Parents and Peers on Adolescent Smoking: Implications for Tobacco Intervention Programs
Fields: Health Economics, International Trade, Applied Econometrics
References: Frank Chaloupka, Lisa Powell, John Tauras

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Yucong Jiao

Job market paper: The Impacts of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Welfare Reform on Work Entry and Exit
Fields: Labor Economics, Public Economics, Applied Econometrics
References: Darren Lubotsky (chair), Robert Kaestner, Ben Ost


Maryam S. Mirza

Job market paper: Advertising Restrictions and Market Concentration in the Cigarette Industry: A Cross-Country Analysis
Fields: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics
References: Frank Chaloupka (chair), Robert Kaestner, Javaeria Qureshi, Jidong Huang


Weixiang Pan

Job Market paper: The Role of Firm-Specific Pay Premia in the Returns to Higher Education: Evidence from Community College
Fields: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Econometrics
References: Steven Rivkin (chair), Darren Lubotsky, Ben Ost

Yeonjeong Son - Photo

Yeonjeong Son

Job market paper: Overtime Policy and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from South Korea
Fields: Labor Economics, Economic Demography, Applied Econometrics
References: Ben Ost (chair), Steven Rivkin, Evelyn Lehrer

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