The Econ Club Looks Forward to Another Great Year

2017-2018 was a wonderful year for the Econ Club. More so than in previous years, many of the Club’s guest speakers were graduates of our department’s BA, MA and PhD programs.  Other speakers included representatives from various government institutions and business firms, and Economics Department faculty.

For Fall 2018, the officers are:

Leigha Sommer – President

Kevin Montoya-Bolanos – Vice President

Ellie Kent – Treasurer

John O’Hara – Public Relations

Andy Chommany – Logistics

Other officers will be elected at the first Club meeting of the Fall semester.


As always, the Club’s goals are to provide opportunities for students to learn economics outside of the classroom and to acquire information about possible career paths for economics majors. The Club also seeks to facilitate networking that may lead to internships and jobs.

In addition, for students who serve as officers, the Club provides opportunities for the development of skills in the areas of leadership, written and oral communication, and information technologies.