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Photo of Rivkin, Steven

Steven Rivkin, PhD

Department Head and Professor




729 UH

Office Phone:

(312) 413-2368

Selected Publications

Hanushek, Eric A. and Steven G. Rivkin, “The Quality and Distribution of Teachers Under the No Child Left Behind Act,” Journal of Economic Perspectives (2010)

Currie, Janet, Eric Hanushek, Emily Kahn, Matthew Neidell, and Steven Rivkin, “Does Pollution Increase School Absences?”Review of Economics and Statistics, (November, 2009)

Eric A. Hanushek and Steven G. Rivkin” Hanushek, Eric, and Steven Rivkin, “Harming the Best: How Schools Affect the Black-White Achievement Gap,” Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (summer 2009)

Hanushek, Eric, John Kain, and Steven Rivkin, “New Evidence about Brown v. Board of Education: The Complex Effects of School Racial Composition on Achievement” Journal of Labor Economics (July, 2009)

Jepsen, Christopher and Steven Rivkin, “Class Reduction and Student Achievement: The Potential Tradeoff between Teacher Quality and Class Size, Journal of Human Resources (Winter, 2009)

Hanushek, Eric, John Kain, Steven Rivkin, and Gregory Branch, “Charter School Quality and Parental Decision Making with School Choice,” Journal of Public Economics, (June, 2007)

Rivkin, Steven, Eric Hanushek and John Kain, “Teachers, Schools and Academic Achievement,” Econometrica, (March, 2005)

Hanushek, Eric, Steven Rivkin and John Kain, “Disruption versus Tiebout Improvement: The Costs and Benefits of Switching Schools,” Journal of Public Economics, (August, 2004)

Service to Community

Associate Director for Research, Texas Schools Project at University of Texas, Dallas

Research Fellow at CES-IFO Research Institute, Munich, Germany

Fullbright Scholar, CERGE-EI, Prague, CZ (2011)

Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research Economics of Education Program

Research Fellow and Member, Panel on the Economics of Education Reform


PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, 1991

Research Currently in Progress

Teacher and principal quality and labor markets, Charter schools, affirmative action, School reforms in Central Europe