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Summer Course Waiver

For students who have already successfully completed coursework covering the material in our foundational summer review courses (Econ 481 and Econ 482), a summer course waiver may be possible. Waivers are granted by the program director based on a student's prior academic experience. Students eligible for a waiver may begin the degree program in the fall semester rather than the summer.

If you wish to begin in the fall semester, please apply directly for fall admission to the program after reviewing the information below and confirming that you have met the necessary requirements. If you have questions about this, please contact Prof. Kiana Yektansani.

The topics covered in the summer courses are as follows:

Econ 481, Mathematical Methods for Economics: Linear Models and Matrix Algebra, Comparative Statics, the Concept of Derivative, Rules of Differentiation,  Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, R software

Econ 482, Probability and Statistics for Econometrics: Descriptive Statistics, Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions, Sampling and Sampling Distributions, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, Inference about means, proportions, and variances, Chi-Square Test for Independence, Linear Regression Foundations, R software

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Additional Electives
Regardless of whether summer courses are waived, the MA in Applied Economics degree still requires a total of 40 credits. Students who do not take Econ 481 and 482 will instead take two additional electives (8 credits total) to compensate for waived coursework. Possible elective options are listed on the Curriculum page.

The standard course plan with no summer waiver is the least expensive option. If summer courses are waived and you instead continue into the following fall, your tuition costs may be slightly higher. See approximate costs.

Course Planning
The standard MA course plan is completed in less than one year (summer, fall, spring). Students who are granted a summer waiver will begin courses in the fall semester and will likely finish the following fall (fall, spring, fall). Alternate course plans are possible but will require further advising.

Math Preparation
A solid foundation in mathematical methods is necessary for success in the MA program. Even if you’re eligible for the summer course waiver, you may want to consider taking the summer classes to better prepare yourself for the courses that will follow.